Our Services

At Spring Ridge, our business is designed around our three guiding pillars: Service, Trust, and Loyalty. In that spirit, we spend our initial conversations with you forming the personal relationships necessary to fuse your personal and financial goals with a strategic financial plan. Once we form that mutual relationship, we give you our full time, attention, and loyalty in providing you with the following services:

Customized Investment Advice & Portfolio Construction

Our practice is designed to provide detailed, unique advice for each and every client. From the establishment of individual accounts designed for traditional saving to the formation of non-profit accounts created to facilitate charitable giving, we can tailor an approach to help meet your objectives.

Our clientele spans individuals of all ages; sole-proprietorships to corporations; basic individual retirement arrangements to large 401(k) and employer-sponsored qualified plans. We are proud that many of our clients are multi-generational families, with parents, grandparents, and children all receiving timely, astute guidance from our team.

Retirement Income Planning & Projections

Your retirement is a cause for tremendous celebration. It may, however, be met with unease over the monetary burdens accompanying your new freedom. Whether you have just entered the workforce, you are in the middle of your career, or you are gearing up for that big day, we have the tools and resources to develop a plan for life after work.

We create individualized retirement income projections based on your retirement goals and income needs. These projections allow us to align your income needs in retirement with your current financial status. We highlight those areas requiring additional focus, and we build your portfolio to fortify those areas and reinforce your diligent savings over your career.

After working with our great friends in Berks County and the surrounding region for many years, we have an intimate knowledge of the local work-sponsored retirement plans, including those plans from Carpenter Technology, Reading Hospital, Sunoco Logistics, Verizon Telecommunications, and the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS). We work with your current work-sponsored retirement plans to ensure that the assets from those plans are invested according to the retirement plan we have developed with you.

Please note that neither Spring Ridge Financial Group nor Commonwealth is endorsed by, retained by, or affiliated with the aforementioned entities.

Insurance Planning

At Spring Ridge, our licensed professionals understand the full spectrum of insurance products required to achieve the myriad needs you may have. Whether you seek the guaranteed income stream of an annuity or the protection from rising health costs afforded by long-term care insurance, we have access to the policies that can address your needs.

We coordinate with a local insurance office to secure competitive quotes and policies across the spectrum of insurance products. We also regularly meet with representatives of the major insurance companies to deepen our knowledge of the insurance industry and learn about the changing benefits of policies. Fixed insurance products and services offered through SpringRidge Financial Group LLC.

Our insurance services extend to your old policies as well. We gladly review policies which you may have carried for many years, analyzing those policies for areas where they may be enhanced or even replaced with equal or greater benefits at reasonable costs.

Please note that the guarantees of an insurance policy, such as an annuity, are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

You know your business is only as valuable as the hard work you and your employees devote to it. For that reason, it is important to ensure the long-term financial well-being of yourself and your employees. We are here to help you select and implement a plan to save for yourself and your employees.

For self-employed individuals, we can build a variety of tax-deferred plans to help you save for your future. Such plans range from SIMPLE and SEP IRAs to single 401(k) plans.

For small and large businesses, we have the resources and knowledge to establish 401(k) and other tax-deferred, qualified retirement plans for your business. We work with trusted service providers and fiduciaries to design the plan that best meets the needs of your business and employees. Once your plan is established, we monitor the plan and remain available to meet with all plan participants to discuss their activity within the plan.

All these plans are provided under a cost structure that provides optimal value to your business and employees.